You’re tired of the hustle culture

You know there has to be a better way for mom entrepreneurs to do life and business without sacrificing their well-being.

For so long, you’ve been pushing yourself too hard, each day running into the next, because that’s what society tells you is required to be a mompreneur.

But that kind of lifestyle and business is not sustainable, and trying to continue this way will only lead to burnout.

You dream of…
> slowing down,
> reconnecting with nature, and
> truly enjoying the journey of motherhood and entrepreneurship.

You’re ready to take a new path on this journey, but trying to change directions is tough on your own.

That’s where I come in.

My name is Racheal Dugger.

I serve busy mom entrepreneurs who are ready for a more sustainable lifestyle and a business aligned with their values.

Think of me as your guide on this journey.

You need support from someone who has been on the sustainable mompreneur’s path for a while.

Someone who has…
> had the same questions,
> faced the same challenges, and
> can encourage you to keep moving forward.

Motherhood and entrepreneurship require you to give so much of yourself to others, but if you're going to create that sustainable life and business you desire, you must start taking care of yourself first.

As a wife, mom, and entrepreneur myself, I’m here to...

> support you on your journey, and

> share the entrepreneurial tools and resources I wish I had when I first started.

And as an herbalist with certification in herbal formulations and training in botanical skincare...

I want to help empower you through herbal self-care tips and products so you can show up as your best self supporting those who rely on you.

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"By making time for self-care, you prepare yourself to be your best so you can share your gifts with the world."

– Eleanor Brownn


  • Sustainability

  • Transparency

  • Sharing Knowledge

  • Community


"We're on a mission to support mom entrepreneurs through herbal self-care and wellness, and empower them to create the sustainable lifestyle and business they desire."