Article 05: The Mompreneur's Journey

Article 05: The Mompreneur's Journey

A Peak Behind the Curtain


Answering the Call

Do you sometimes wonder if you’re doing this whole mom entrepreneur thing “right”? Sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to figure out this new path you’ve chosen, and it can make you wonder if you’ve made the right choice.

You’ve felt the calling, it’s been weighing on your heart, but you wonder, can I really do this?

Whether you’re a mom called to be an entrepreneur or an entrepreneur who’s felt the call to become a mom, you know it’s time for something more.

When you made the decision to embark on this journey, you made a decision that will change your life forever, and that can be both exciting and utterly terrifying.  Just having a glimpse of what this journey may look like and some of what you can expect along the way can help ease some of those fears.

So today, I want to give you a peak behind the curtain, so to speak. I want to give you that glimpse into the unknown, because once the curtain is pulled back and the unknown is revealed, it’s not quite so scary anymore.


Daring to plunge into the unknown may very well land you in paradise. Bronnie Ware


The Age Old Question: Do I Have What it Takes?

Being a mompreneur takes massive courage. The idea of taking the role of motherhood and merging it with the role of an entrepreneur can be scary. But when we zoom out and look at each of these roles, we find that they actually complement each other very well, and that realization is empowering.

Many of the traits that make a great mom are also traits that make a great entrepreneur. Traits like…

  • Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Adaptability
  • Intuition
  • Generosity
  • Strength in Face of Adversity

I would bet if you’re reading this that many, if not all, of these are traits that describe you. That means that, YES! You have what it takes! And you can draw on these traits to serve you in both motherhood and entrepreneurship.


Overcoming Challenges

Many entrepreneurs are so excited to start their new business, but then when challenges arise (and they will arise), they give up and go back to their 9-5. They come up against a problem they haven’t faced before and because they don’t know how to solve it, it’s easier to go back to what’s familiar.

But as a mom entrepreneur you have an advantage.

Many of the challenges that an entrepreneur faces are similar to the challenges we face as mothers. You can draw on the knowledge you’ve gained from past experiences, and use it to help guide you in your new role as a mompreneur.

For example, if you’re the mom of a picky eater, you’ve likely had to try two or three tactics to get your child to eat a new food before they would finally try it. Likewise, as an entrepreneur, when one sales strategy doesn’t work like you thought it would you can draw on that experience as a mom and know that your next step is to try a different strategy until you find one that gives you the results you’re looking for.

This ability to draw on your past experiences in one role to help you solve problems in your new role will be invaluable as you continue on your journey as a mompreneur.


The Transformation

When you become a mom or entrepreneur for the first time, you start on a journey where you will grow as a person. The challenges you face may be difficult, but when you look back, you will see that they helped you to grow in some way. The same is true on your journey as a mom AND entrepreneur. Just as before, you will face challenges and when you get to the other side, you will find that you have grown even more as an individual.

Along this journey, the challenges and the resulting transformation will empower you and help you to find your true gift. That gift which you can share with others, and which will help you to find fulfillment.



Are you struggling, trying to juggle motherhood and entrepreneurship? You know the responsibilities of these roles, but sometimes it just seems impossible to keep all the plates spinning.

When you begin to see how these roles actually complement each other, you can begin to create harmony between them. In turn, you will find more joy and fulfillment along the way.


Until Next Time,

Racheal D.


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