Article 04: Top Entrepreneur Experts

Article 04: Top Entrepreneur Experts

There are a few people in the online entrepreneur space that have made such an impact on me that I doubt I could have gotten this far had I not found theses amazing teachers. These experts/teachers have a way of explaining things that makes it not only easy to understand, but easy to take action on.

I’m here to serve as your guide and save you the time of having to search and hope that you find the right people to learn from. Through this article I’m going to connect you to those experts that I have learned from, and the resources they offer to help you succeed with as little frustration as possible.

Think of these teachers as the signposts along the path that will point you in the right direction on your journey into entrepreneurship.



Email Marketing

I can’t mention Emails and Email Marketing without connecting you with the two best teachers on the subject! These two amazing women are experts when it comes to email marketing, and I can’t recommend them highly enough…

Jenna Kutcher

Amy Porterfield


They both have great resources to get you started growing your email list. I’ve linked a couple of their best email list-growing podcasts above so you can check them out for free to see whose style you prefer. And if you want to dive deeper on the subject, they both have courses to take you step by step from set up through sending your first email.



Social Media Marketing (Content Creation, Instagram, and Pinterest)

There is one person who always comes to my mind when I think of social media marketing, and that’s Jenna Kutcher. Her courses are straightforward, easy to understand, and laid out in a way that has you taking action while you are working through the course.

I highly recommend her courses, no matter how far along you are on your journey as an entrepreneur.

Jenna Kutcher




It really surprised me, how much trouble I had, when I started trying to write the copy for my business. I have always loved writing. In school, my favorite assignments were reports and long form essays. But writing for business is so much different than the writing you do in school. You have email copy, website copy, sales copy, etc., and it can be extremely difficult when you’ve never done this type of writing before.
Enter Ashlyn with Ashlyn Writes. She teaches copywriting specifically for creative entrepreneurs. I’ve learned so much about copywriting from her content. And her templates have been such a big help during those times when I’ve been stuck, staring at the blank page, unsure of what to write.

If you are like me and find yourself struggling with writing copy for your business, I urge you to check out her website and YouTube channel linked below.

Ashlyn Carter with Ashlyn Writes



BONUS: Financial Resources for Product Makers

I have one bonus recommendation if you are a physical product seller.

When you sell physical products, you MUST keep a record of inventory and sales, so you are prepared when tax time comes, but thinking about finances and taxes when you’re first starting out is really scary.

If just reading those words puts a knot in your belly, you’re not alone. It seems so much easier to just put that stuff off for now. You tell yourself that you’ll figure that out later when it’s closer to tax time. The problem with that though, is that when tax tie does come, you’ll find yourself with a whole year of inventory and bookkeeping that you need to get figured out and caught up on. And then you’ll only have a matter of weeks (maybe) to get it figured out.

There’s a better way! Taking care of inventory and bookkeeping each month throughout the year will prevent that end of the tax year hustle and stress. And there’s someone out who can make it feel doable and teach you all you need to know.


Janet LeBlanc with Paper and Spark

I’m so grateful to have found Janet early on in my journey! I truly would have been lost trying to navigate the financial side of running a business without her resources and tools!

She was a CPA and a product maker herself, so she understands both sides.

I highly recommend starting off with her Get Legit Checklist to make sure your starting off on the right foot. Once you’ve got the checklist completed, she has blog posts and free trainings. Then, when your ready, she has courses to teach you step by step some of the more indepth financial stuff. And my personal favorite… inventory and bookkeeping spreadsheets! (Don’t worry, the spreadsheets come with video trainings to teach you exactly how to use them.)

 I absolutely love these spreadsheets. And as someone who had never used spreadsheets before, I can honestly say that it doesn’t matter if you have experience with spreadsheets or not. Janet’s trainings make it so easy to understand that anyone can use them!

If you sell products, I urge you to please click the link below to check out her resources. I promise, you’ll be glad you did.




Well, there you have it, my top recommended experts to learn from along your journey as a mompreneur.

Are there any experts/teachers that you’ve come across in your journey that have made a big impact on you and how you’re creating or running your business?

Leave a comment below if you’d like to give a shout out to those teachers who have made a positive impact on you.


Until Next Time,

Racheal D.



Disclosure: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links and if you make a purchase through them, I will earn a commission. Participation in these affiliate programs does not influence my decision as to which products I share. I only share about companies that I truly believe in, and which I believe will offer value to my readers.

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