Article 00: Announcing The Sustainable Mompreneur's Journal

Article 00: Announcing The Sustainable Mompreneur's Journal

Hey There Fellow Mom Entrepreneurs!

I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to share this new resource with you!

The journey of entrepreneurship, and even motherhood in our current times, can oftentimes feel overwhelming and lonely. But I want you to know that you're not alone. 

I started "The Sustainable Mompreneur’s Journal" so I can...

  • share with you all the things I've learned so far, and
  • continue to share with you while I continue to learn. 

As a wife and mom with a full-time job already, I had a really hard time keeping up the momentum when I was starting out. I found myself bouncing back and forth between burn out and pushing too hard when I felt motivated. It didn’t take long to realize though, that trying to create a business that way was not sustainable.



With time, and a lot of research and trial and error, I've been working to create a more sustainable lifestyle and a business that aligns with my values. 

It’s my hope that, in sharing my experiences and what I’ve learned, you'll know you're not alone and you'll find support and encouragement on your own journey. 


I’ll be covering topics such as…

  • herbal self-care,
  • reconnecting with nature,
  • sustainability, and
  • business resources

The information shared in these articles will be backed by…

  • scientific research when available,
  • personal experience when applicable,
  • traditional practices, and
  • advice from experts when available

Empowered with knowledge, you can become more intentional in your daily living and business practices.



I am NOT here to tell you what is right or wrong for you or your family.

This journal will NOT be a source of fearmongering or vilifying certain lifestyles or business choices, or products or ingredients.




The Sustainable Mompreneur’s Journal aims to be a source of support and encouragement as we continue this journey of motherhood and entrepreneurship together.

It’s my hope that, through my experiences, you’re path will be clearer, and that when you do come across obstacles on your journey, you'll have the information you need to overcome them!

I’m so excited for you to join me on this journey!

Racheal D.

PS: I would love to know if there is a specific topic or natural ingredient that you are interested in learning more about. Please leave a comment below to let me know.
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